Prairie Dawn

Hello, My name is Prairie Dawn. I am a female Landseer Newfoundland dog. I was born in Amsterdam, NY where 10 weeks after I was born my human Miss Bonnie came and took me to my forever home in Florida. I met her husband Lenny (He’s so handsome) and Grandma and Grandpa.

We have so much fun together. I also got to meet my two best Newfy buddies, Kermit  and Fozzie. I love playing with them and hanging out with the family. Kermit and Fozzie visit elementary schools and teach the kids about service dogs and therapy dogs. I got to go along with them and that’s what I want to do as I grow up. Since the Covid pandemic started we have to do the visits virtually but it’s still fun. I also get to go to dog shows and compete in what’s called Conformation. I am doing great and in just four months I earned my Champion designation. As I get older I am going to try get my Grand Champion. I am also learning to pull a cart so I can earn a Draft Dog title. Bonnie and Lenny take me swimming in a friends pool and even the ocean. I’m a strong swimmer and they said they are going to teach me how to rescue people, especially my Grandma. As you can see I’m becoming a real working dog with so many fun things to learn and do. Life is great!

Here’s some pictures and videos of me: