Hello again,
       I'm glad you stopped by. As I mentioned before I am a Trained Service Dog. It's my most important job in life and I love doing it. When I wear my Service Dog Vest I get into work mode, which is different than anything else I do. When I am working I have to concentrate only on the tasks I am trained to do. That means ignoring other dogs and people and being alert to the needs of my human. That's why you should not try to pet or distract me, or any other working service dog, when we are wearing our vests. It's important work and it makes me proud to be a help to my human that I love dearly.
       My human partner has a medical condition that creates several problems for her. You may notice that my vest has a sticker on it that says “Not all disabilities are visible”, but they are there just the same. In her case, her condition causes vision disturbances that lead to balance and dizziness issues among other things. My job is to help guide her around and through areas that exacerbate these symptoms.
       Busy stores with narrow aisles and other locations that are very crowded with people moving about are particularly difficult for her. Her condition also prevents her from driving a car due to traffic.
       When we go out together I walk next to her, keeping pace with her speed of walking. She needs to look down at the back of my head in order not to get dizzy and I have to keep watch ahead and to the sides of us and guide her to where she wants to go. When she has to go shopping, I can also pull my cart through the store so she can put her purchases in it and not have to use a shopping cart. That would be too much like trying to drive.
       I have also been trained to brace myself so she can use me to regain her feet if she falls or has to sit down on the ground to prevent falling when she gets dizzy. So you see that I have important responsibilities that I take very seriously.
       Service Dogs come in many breeds and sizes, and are matched with owners to whom their skills are most suited. They do many different kinds of things for their owners and are protected by law.
The Americans With Disabilities Act specifically allows them into any premises where their owner can go. Including restaurants and airplanes. This may seem like a nice privilege, but any person that needs a Service Dog would rather be healthy enough not to need their help and just have a pet. In fact, you should never ask someone with a Service Dog what is wrong with them. It's both impolite and an invasion of their privacy. Business owners are limited by law to asking only two questions: 1: Is your dog a Service Dog and 2: What is he trained to do for you.
       I hope that information helps you understand and appreciate the important work that we Service Dogs do every day. Don't feel sorry for us that we have to work, we LOVE IT! And the rest of the time we are well loved and cared for by our partners.
       See you around,
       Kermit the Newf
  P.S. Watch the video above to see me in action.