Children's Book Reviews by Kermit the Dog

Elvis and the Underdogs by Jenny Lee

a review by Kermit the Dog

Recently My mom Bonnie and I read a very enjoyable book together and discovered it was the first in a series. We really like to read series because we both get so involved with the characters of the stories that we don't want the book to end. Elvis and the Underdogs was just such a book. And the best part is, that Elvis, one of the main characters, is a Newfoundland dog just like me and Fozzie.

In the story we are introduced to Benji, a 10 year old boy who was born premature and as a result has ongoing health issues. Benji is in the hospital so often that his favorite nurse has even given him a punch card. After so many visits punched on his card, he gets something special. Since Benji is sick so often, he gets teased a lot in school and has no real friends. Life is hard for Benji. While at school one day, Benji has an episode and one thing leads to another and he is back in the hospital.

The doctor at the hospital has a talk with Benji and his mom and suggests that Benji get a service dog. And this is where the book gets really interesting and funny. The doctor helps arrange it so that Benji can get a service dog and shortly after, Benji gets a big surprise delivered to him at home. Welcome Elvis, a huge Newfoundland dog. Things are not exactly going as smoothly as Benji hopes when Elvis arrives and the result is a very funny and touching story about two very different beings learning to be friends and trust each other. Benji and Elvis learn a lot together and this starts the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

This book has plenty of laughs and twists in the road for Benji and Elvis as they learn to navigate through life together. I highly recommend this book to all my friends who love Newfoundland dogs like me and to all my friends who love to read!