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December 4, 2014

There is a thrill of excitement in the air today! Grandpa came to pick us up and we all went to the airport. When I realized where we were going, I started to shake with excitement. Going to the airport this time of year can only mean one thing, Auntie Jeannette is coming to visit. Auntie Jeannette is Mom’s best friend and Fozzie Bear and I love her to pieces! Auntie J lives in Maine and one day I want to go visit her there! Whenever Auntie J comes, it means the St. Augustine Christmas parade is right around the corner and then we get to go to Orlando to play in the theme parks. When Auntie J got off the plane, Fozzie and I were so excited to see her that we almost knocked her over and we kissed her all up!

Posted 350 weeks ago