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Fozzie's best day at the library

Today at the library I had the best time! My friend Evan read to me twice. First he read Hallo-Weinie and later he read me a Henry and Mudge book. Evan told me he loved me and that I was his favorite dog! That made me so happy. Uncle Kermit has quite a few special kids in his life and now I have one of my own. Evan took a bunch of photos with me called “selfies”. That is where you hold out your arm and take a picture of yourself with your phone. Mom took a couple of pictures of us as well.
When Evan read me the Henry and Mudge book, he changed the whole book to read as Evan and Fozzie! It was so awesome to be the subject of a book with my best bud! I can’t wait until next week to read some more with Evan.
Oh yeah, while we were reading, Evan rolled around with me and rubbed my belly and pet me and kissed me. This was the best day ever!

Posted 359 weeks ago