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Kermit and Fozzie’s News of  the Day

Sat. Sept. 13, 2014

What a crazy two weeks this has been. Bonnie went out without me to walk a neighbors dog and she tripped and fell. She broke her wrist and had to go to the emergency room for first aid. Then she went to the orthopedic doctor who told her she needed surgery to fix it. Fozzie and I were worried about her because she was in a lot of pain and we didn’t get to go with her to the doctor. Then last Monday we all went down to Cleveland Clinic for her surgery. We had to wait a long time so we were hanging out with Grandpa. We met so many nice people, Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and the families of other patients. Finally, about 6 o'clock we got to go into the recovery room and saw Bonnie. We gave her lots of  licks and love and she smiled when she saw us. It made us feel good to see her and to make her smile. Lenny  came and took us all home. Now after a week she is starting to feel better, but is still very tired. But she is a trooper. She and Lenny took us to Tampa yesterday to a dog grooming demonstration. Fozzie got to be the one they demonstrated on. He looks great and liked being the center of attention. We got home real late and today we are all just sacking out. Dog Tales starts tomorrow for us and we are excited to be going to work with the kids again.

Posted 370 weeks ago