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A Special New Friend October 1, 2014

Today Mom Bonnie surprised Fozzie Bear and I. She got up this morning earlier than usual and was very busy around the house. Usually when Mom is this busy, it means we are going to go some place. We kept bugging mom to find out where but she wouldn’t tell us. She just kept saying that we would have a good day. Unfortunately, we bugged mom a little to much, I think, because the next thing I know, she had us both locked out on the patio. We were standing at the sliding glass door waiting to say sorry and come back in the house when all of a sudden, Mom walked out the front door of the house. I just could not believe it. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? How could she get us all excited and then just put us on the patio and walk out the door without us! I looked at Fozzie and he looked at me, and neither of us knew what to say. Then we heard voices outside. It sounded like Mom’s dear friend since they were children, Auntie Cara, had come to visit. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Fozzie and I started to smell something new. Next we heard a car door close and the car drive away. Are you kidding me? Mom left with Auntie Cara and left us outside. Something was not right. Mom never leaves us outside this time of year. It is way too hot for that. And just when I thought Mom was gone, she came back into the house with a big bag and something in her arms. I was quite surprised that Mom was carrying something in her left hand because she was still healing from her surgery. Whatever she was holding must not have weighed very much. The next thing I know, Mom opened the door to let Fozzie and I back in the house and we saw the most wonderful thing. Mom was holding a teeny tiny 10 week old puppy. It was a little girl and her name is Spirit Joy. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of puppy it was because it didn’t look anything like Foz and I. I mean, first of all, Spirit was too small to be a Newfoundland. Second of all, she didn’t have enough hair. And lastly, and probably most importantly, her ears stood straight up in the air. What self-respecting Newf has ears that stand straight up? How are they supposed the keep the water out when we swim. Mom told us that Spirit Joy was a Shetland sheepdog. Apparently these dogs are used to herd sheep. Why would a dog want to run around and herd sheep when it can go swimming instead? Well, no matter, Spirit was awfully cute. Fozzie was a little concerned that this new puppy was going to stay and he would no longer be the baby any more. Then Mom told us that Auntie Cara had to work and needed Mom to babysit little Spirit. Fozzie Bear felt very relieved. Spirit Joy spent the whole day here with us and Fozzie and I fell in love with her. Since we are so big and Spirit is so small, Mom only let us play with her 1 at a time. I just love little puppies! I am so glad that we got to help Mom babysit for Spirit. And now Fozzie and I have a very special new friend.

Posted 366 weeks ago