Summer Fun 2018

Hey Everyone,

      Fozzie Bear and I have had a most excellent summer, and we hope you all did too! We got a very special present to keep us active and cool through the hot, steamy summer here in Florida. We got a new pool! Now, since we live in a townhouse and only have a patio and no backyard, our pool is not as big as some might think, but it is big enough to get in and get wet and walk around in. We stand almost up to our shoulders in the water and we exercise in the pool at least 3 days a week, but usually more.  Bonnie made sure the pool would be nice and shaded so it would stay cool. The temperature outside have been in the 90s F with heat indexes over 100 F. Our pool temperature has been between 76 F and 81 F. It is so refreshing that Fozzie Bear and I could stay in there all day long (and we have tried). 


This is us with our Auntie Jeannette exercising.

Fozzie Bear with Bonnie (Mom) for his first time in the pool.

In July, we went to a big event called Florida SuperCon. It was down in Ft. Lauderdale at a big convention center. We stayed in a hotel across the street and 2 blocks down from the convention center. Our human Mom and Dad (Bonnie and Lenny) told us that we were going to meet some very special people and that we would see all kinds of people dressed up in crazy outfits. It kind of felt like we were in a theme park without any rides. There were characters everywhere we looked. When we first got there, Mom was quite hot and needed to sit and get some water. Fozzie Bear and I were laying on the very nice cold floor. A big guy walked passed us and said that we were really awesome dogs. It turned out that this guy is almost as famous as me. His name is Lou Ferrigno and I am told that he was a professional body builder and then became an actor. He played the Incredible Hulk in the live action series on TV from 1977- 1981. We later got to meet him and get lots of pets and cuddles from him. It was so cool. We love to be snuggled by really big guys. It is the only time we feel small. We are actually in this picture, but we are not visible. Mom and Dad areon the right side of the picture just to the right and behind the guy with the green light saber. 

The really special people that we went to meet were all people who worked for Jim Henson and the Henson company for many years. For those of you who don't know who Jim Henson was, he was the man that created The Muppets. He has and always will be Mom's idol. She tells me how brilliant and wonderful he was. And she also tells me that I got my name from the Muppet character he created, Kermit the Frog. After watching Kermit the Frog for many years with my family, I see I am named appropriately. He and I have the same great character traits! Unfortunately Jim Henson passed away in 1990, but his company is still run by his children.

After his death, Steve Whitmire was asked to take over Jim's Muppet characters, most importantly, Kermit the Frog. We were able to meet and talk with Steve throughout the weekend. He was a really nice guy. We even got to dress up as the Muppets, Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear and take pictures with Steve and the real Kermit the Frog. Mom had her original Animal puppet that she has had since she was 6 years old (1976). We also gave Steve a copy of my book. He loved it!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Caroll Spinney. He has been the performer of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch since they started on Sesame Street in 1969.He is a remarkable man. He got one of my books as well. He signed a copy of the book he wrote for Mom.

The last person we met who worked with Jim Henson was Hugh Spight.  Hugh worked on the movie, The Dark Crystal, which was released in 1982. It is a wonderful fantasy movie that was groundbreaking in its time. Hugh performed several characters in the movie including one of the Landstriders that the hero Jen rode on. He also played the Cook Mystic. He is also known for playing a Gamorrean Guard in Star Wars: Episode IV Return of the Jedi. And for anyone who is a Dr. Who fan, Hugh Spight played a Dalek operator/ Robot Clown/ Black Dalek operator in 1988.

For all you Guardian of the Galaxy fans, we got to meet Sean Gunn (Kraglin) and see Michael Rooker (Yondu) and Terry Notary (motion capture for teen Groot). We had a great time hanging with these fun guys.

One afternoon Dad and I were tired and went back to the hotel. Mom and Fozzie Bear stayed and apparently Fozzie had a great time. 

Hello, Fozzie Bear here. I will tell my story since Uncle Kermit wasn't there. Mom and I walked all over the convention center checking out all the happenings. After checking the schedule, Mom decided to go sit in on a question and answer panel with some guy named William Shatner. (I had Mom read his biography to me so I would know who he was.) We were in the first row so that I would have plenty of room to lay down and take a snooze. This guy was a pretty funny guy as I heard everyone laughing a lot. At one point, he started talking about all the Cosplayers that were there. Mom says that Cosplayers are people who dress up in costumes of their favorite characters from movies, books, cartoons and so forth. He starting talking about the best Cosplayer at the whole event and pointed to me. He called Mom and me up on the stage as I helped him do a whole bit about how his friend "Fred" was the best Cosplayer in his Newfoundland Dog costume. He kept telling me to take off my mask, but off course I didn't. Everyone in the audience though it was really funny. I loved being up on the stage in front of hundreds of people looking at me and laughing with us. Turns out that William Shatner is a good Canadian who knows his heritage. He also happens to be a very prolific actor best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in the TV series and movies called Star Trek.