The Lighthouse Dog written by Betty Waterton with illustrations by Dean Griffiths

A book review by Fozzie Bear

The Captain and his wife live in a lighthouse. One day, the captain's wife announces she is going into town on market day with her friend Flossie and she is going to get a puppy. Flossie is coming to help her pick it out, so she hops in the row boat and rows off to town. At the market, the captain's wife sees many puppies, but one in oarticular catches her eye. The captain's wife falls for the big black puppy with the pink necktie, Molly, and they row back home to the Lighthouse where the Captain is waiting.

It takes some time for Molly to settle in at her new home and even longer for the Captain to get used to Molly. Before they know it, there is a big storm brewing and it is time for the Captain to do his job and rescue a stranded fisherman.

I really enjoyed reading his book with my mom Bonnie. Molly reminds me a lot of my sister Rosie. It seems they both have a habit of getting into a little trouble. And seeing as I am still a puppy myself, I really could identify with Molly throughout the story. To make this book even more enjoyable are the wonderful and beautiful illustrations. They really helped tell the story of The Lighthouse Dog.