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Kermit Visits Schools!!!

      Kermit and his nephew Fozzie Bear have been visiting schools everywhere.

      The main purpose of these visits is to encourage children to enjoy reading and writing.  We explain to them how an author comes up with ideas for writing a book, and how they too, can create a journal of their own experiences and ideas and perhaps one day create their own book.

       It is very meaningful and exciting for children to actually meet a real published author, and receive as a gift the book that she has written.  It is also exciting for them to meet the star of the book in person.

          We also talk about Newfoundland dogs, and what they were bred to do.  We tell them the difference between Service dogs and Therapy dogs and what the purpose is of each.

      In conjunction with that, we read the book "The Adventures of Kermit the Newf" Book 1 Dog Tales.       After the story we talk to the children about being an author.  Why it's fun to read books and to also write about their own life experiences and/or the books they have read.

         Next we have a question and answer time and then we let each child, who is willing, sit on the floor and  pet the dogs.  We then give them each a free book to take home and keep.  These books have been "Pawtographed" by Kermit.

         The book is primarily for the reading level of 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students, but the content is for all ages.

          Revisiting schools is a way for us to continue to foster the ideas of the importance of reading and writing.

         On these visits, we give those children who have already received a book, a free Journal.  This journal has lined pages as well as blank ones for drawing.  It encourages the children to be creative in their own way.  

         On future visits, the children will have the opportunity to read their Journals to Kermit and Fozzie Bear.  The anticipation of the dogs  revisiting the children,  give them the encourageent to create something that they will be proud of and that the dogs will love.

                     There is absolutely no cost to the school or group for the presentation or the books and journals.  This program is  a gift from a Charitable Trust who sponsors us.

         We look forward to visiting your child's/grandchild's school and/or the school at which you or your friends teach.

         Please let us know when you would like us to visit and we will compare calendars.

         Looking forward to meeting you for a fun and enlightening experience.

         Thank you for your interest.

          Molly Tischler,  Author

          Bonnie Giacovelli, co-Author

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           List of schools we have visited recently:

           The Benjamin School                                          North Palm Beach, FL

            Berkshire Elementary School                            West Palm Beach,  FL

            Palm Beach Public School                                 Palm Beach,  FL

            Els Center for Excellence                                   Jupiter,  FL

            Jupiter Head Start School                                  Jupiter,  FL

            Hibiscus House                                                   Jensen Beach,  FL

            Girl Scout Troop #30310                                     Hobe Sound,  FL  

            Hands Together School                                      Lake Worth,  FL

            Dublin Elementary School                                  White Lake,  MI

            Flint Elementary School                                      Vienna,  VA

            Luther Jackson Middle School                           Falls Church,  VA

            Madison Trust Elementary School                     Ashburn,  VA

            Landmark School                                                  Manchester-by-the-Sea,  MA

            Kevin O"Grady School                                         Beverly,  MA

            Northshore Academy                                            Peabody,  MA

            Dublin Elementary School  (2nd visit)                  White Lake,  MI  

            Country Oaks School                                             Commerce Charter Township,  MI

            Hulsing School                                                       Canton,  MI

            De la Salle Blackfeet School                                  Browning,  MT

            St. Charles Mission School                                    Pryor,  MT

            Billings Public Library                                            Billings,  M             

            Apple Tree Academy                                              Stuart,  FL              

            Apple Tree Academy                                              Palm City,  FL              

            Apple Tree Academy                                              Stuart,  FL               

            Apple Tree Academy                                             Jensen Beach,  FL                

            Dublin Elementary School  (3rd visit)                 White Lake,  MI                

            Country Oaks Elementary School (2nd visit)      Commerce Charter Township,  MI

            Trinity Oaks Elementary School                              Trinity, FL

            Longleaf Learning Center                                         New Port Richey, FL

            Dublin Elementary School   (4th visit)                     White Lake, MI

            Country Oaks Elementary School   (3rd visit)        Commerce Charter Township, MI

            Cannella Elementary School                                    Tampa, FL

            Berkshire Elementary School (2nd visit)                 West Palm Beach, FL

            Dublin Elementary School (5th visit)                       White Lake, MI

            Country Oaks Elementary School (4th visit)           Commerce Charter Township, MI   

            Palm Beach Public School (2nd visit)                       Palm Beach, FL

            Berkshire Elementary School (3rd visit)                  West Palm Beach, FL 

            Toras Emes/Klurman Elementary School                North Miami Beach, FL